Vikramaaditya Agrotech Limited performs the professional farming activities will create a better future and you can grow with us by gaining profits.

Optimizing resources to maximize the yields

Getting Better on Farm!

Providing a comprehensive approach for large scale precision cattle, sheep and coconut farming with its processes

Committed to helping the productivity of farming

Building more stronger and viable farming solutions

Vikramaaditya Agrotech Limited partners with the farming industry and brings solutions to improve the farming practices and make processes for a successful harvest.

Cattle Farming

We help you with this capital intensive farming business with patience and well-managed practices.

Sheep Farming

Vikramaaditya Agrotech Limited provides you the service to turn sheep farming into a very profitable and excellent market.

Coconut Farming

The best planning, growing, care and harvesting practices can be improved effectively and can be grown for years.


Vikramaaditya Agrotech Limited brings the best fishing practices into picture and we help you with the processes.
We overcome all the challenges happening in the farming industry

Harvest management practices and market linkage activities

We overcome all the challenges happening in the farming industry and we maintain accurate record-keeping processes and farm and farmer profile digitization. Overall transparent farming operations are carried over by our team. We do the best harvest management practices and the market linkage activities.

Geotagging the farm

We emphasize, ideate and define the data of farming with the methodological development strategies

Digitalized record keeping

All the important processes are kept in records and are digitalized to ensure the accuracy

Crop monitoring and advisory

You can just simply sit back and manage your crops using the crop monitoring and advisory services provided by our team

Plan creation & management

We will initially identify the goal of the process and make sure that the management and planning are done to improve the efficiency

Management of workflows

Our team will never compromise with the quality and we manage all the workflows that are mapped in scope of the need

Committed to helping the productivity of farming

Best agronomy support and services

Vikramaaditya Agrotech Limited enables the cattle and sheep farming with the coconut farming processes and helps people to improve farming operations for more productivity.

Cattle Farming

Sheep Farming

Coconut Farming

Believing in revolutionizing GREEN!

Elevating quality harvests

Our willingness to get our hands dirty has made us to show interest on the farming cultures and the best food production activities.

World class team

Our team of experts will develop a perfect plan to the best and the brightest in order to transform a better agriculture business.